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Western Fair Artisan Market
By Admin | 11:55 AM
Come see us on the 2nd floor of the Western Fair Artisan Market in London, ON every Saturday 8:00 - 3:00pm
Our New Website is LIVE
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Welcome to our new Website and be sure to check back often to see more of our pieces.

Our New Website

We are currently adding more of our works
With over 200 pieces in our collection, we are slowly adding more and more each day, please feel free to check back often to see what we have to offer.

Latest AdditionsWednesday February 27th 2013

Ancient Kings
Ancient Kings
Whether Brian Boru the first high king of Ireland, or the Scottish Robert the Bruce, these courageous heroes shaped their countries to what they are today.

King Arthur
Son of Igerna and Uther Pendragon. He was brought up by Ector, the Forest Sauvage, at the behest of Merlin. He became King of Britain after pulling the sword from the stone.. .

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